The Mat Archive

The mat is a core part of the new Dan 2.0 system. It is used for collecting community judgment on non-lockpicking points, including new blackbelt applications.

Earning Dan Points “on the mat” can also be accomplished completing projects within the following Disciplines.


Safe Lock Manipulation

Picking Instruction

Challenge Locks

Tool Making

Tool Manufacturing

Lock Design

Lock Manufacturing

Cutaway Making

You can also nominate others to receive points through:

Exceptional Knowledge of Locks

Community Leadership

Lock Distribution

Completed projects will be submitted for a vote in the black belt community in “The Mat” channel to place them within the tier structure for that discipline. The generic tier point structure is below. Some Disciplines may have less tiers and/or less point value based on their relative difficulty. 

Tier 0:   0 Points   – Unworthy

Tier 1:   5 points   – Novice

Tier 2:   10 points – Apprentice

Tier 3:   20 points – Journeyman

Tier 4:   34 points – Expert

Tier 5:   50 points – Mastery

To submit completed projects for placement in the respective Discipline Tier:

  • Assemble any relevant information, pictures, video links, etc. in PDF format and submit to a moderator to be shared with the black belt community in “The Mat” channel.
  • That moderator will place it in the channel along with an @Black Belt mention as soon as possible so long as there aren’t already several votes taking place. 
  • If you hate being pinged. Change your settings. This is necessary to ensure each project is seen. 
  • All Black Belt members will have 5 days from post time to vote using number emoji’s 0 thru 5. If two or more Tiers are tied, the vote will round up to the highest Tier.
  • After 5 days a moderator will close out the vote by posting the result of the vote and confirming the point value of that project.
  • The submitter can then use that point value and date/time to enter the project into their tab of the Dan Sheet. You should also add a link to that post to make it easier for fact checkers. 

Those who emote anything other than a number to represent a Tier will forfeit their vote. Repeated offenses will result in suspension of access to the channel. 

The following is an archive of projects;

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Project Title:Discipline:TierMore Info
Group 2 Safe Manipulation 6700 Safe Lock Manipulation 2 More Info
ABUS 80TI/50 Impressioning Impressioning 2 More Info
Bilock and Miwa U9 Cutaways Cutaway Making 2 More Info
Abus 72/40 handmade cutaway Cutaway Making 2 More Info,, 1MillionScovilleLocksportClub, Multipick monthly raffle notfication and more Discipline: Community Community Leadership 4 More Info
Picking Assisting Cutaways (plus 3d printed) Cutaway Making 2 More Info
Community Classification Sheet Community Leadership 3 More Info
S&G 6730 manipulation Safe Lock Manipulation 2 More Info
Group 2 Safe Manipulation Safe Lock Manipulation 2 More Info
Bamboozle custom pick set Pick Making 2 More Info